How to market your business with a podcast

Have you noticed how many people these days walk around with earphones apparently permanently in their ears?

Ever wonder what they are listening to?

Well, it could be your podcast!

I experimented with a podcast many years ago when I ran an NLP training business.

And recently Andy and I created a podcast on how to market your lifestyle business.

It’s a great way to reveal some of the personality in your business and enable your audience to hear you and what you stand for before they engage and do business with you.

I got a new client as a result of publishing this podcast on Twitter and Linkedin.

So, the podcast has become one of our marketing assets.

Very helpful to expand your presence digitally and extend your reach.

This one traveled as far as Exeter.

You can listen to it here.


And, if you want to “fine tune” and “scale up” your marketing,


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