We typically start with an initial project of 90 days duration which gives us the opportunity to learn your business and for you to experience the service we provide. Once the initial project has been successfully completed we transition to a monthly retainer for one of our marketing packages.


Your crowd is the number of people who know about you on your social media channels (YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Organic Searches).

We will design a content funnel for you to increase your number of followers, increase your brand awareness and get more people interested in what you do including creating a content plan and posting on your different social media platforms information that is relevant for your audience.

There are 2 main methods – organic or paid.

Organic / Paid

– Enhance your profile
– Connect with potential clients and influencers
– In mail potential clients
– Post updates and articles

– Doing ads: for likes of pages, increase awareness, extend the reach of your brand online, video views, traffic ads, increase engagement
– Posting on business page consistently

– Ads
– Post Consistently

– Ads
– Post Consistently

– Post Consistently

– Post Consistently

If you prefer paid traffic.

We will setup, design and run your ads on one platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Adwords as appropriate).
We will develop the creative, copy and audience including scripting the video for your ads and editing as required.
We will create and copywrite your email campaigns to indoctrinate and welcome new people to your list.



Your capture is the number of people you have in your “in-house” contact database, or CRM or email marketing list (we typically work with MailChimp or Infusionsoft).

We will design a lead generation funnel for you to capture new leads which may include – running your lead gen ads on social media, creating your survey to segment your list, creating your lead magnets and landing pages, setting up your automation and creating and copywriting your email campaigns to deliver and clearly articulate the value you provide to your prospective clients.



Your conversion is the number of people who become paying clients.

We will design a conversion funnel for you which may include – creating your conversion ads, looking at your offer, evaluating or design your sales process, setting up your first sale or “tripwire”, your flash sale campaign, your core product, your order form, connecting up your merchant account or Paypal and creating a sales script for you.



Your cash value is the value of your average sale.

We will measure your average sale and create design an upsell funnel using strategies and marketing campaigns to increase the value of your average sale.

We will create your emails and sales pages and set up your products and order forms and integrate with your merchant account.

We will review with you…

How to construct your offer so people buy from you (including creating an entry level product so people don’t feel like taking such a risk)
Design of your offer and price points
Packaging your offer



Your continuity is the number of times a client buys from you over time and the number of referrals you receive.

We will design a continuity funnel for you including creating engage and re-engage campaigns, creating your content plan and your blog posts and designing marketing campaigns for referrals and to get testimonials and designing your case studies.



A product launch is typically used to get a new product, service or business to market rapidly.

We will create your engage and re-engage strategies, create your pre pre launch survey, create your launch plan, your product launch content and video scripts, your open and close cart email campaigns and run your launch.

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