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  • Package And Price Your Offer

    You’ve probably heard that making an offer is a really important step in your sales process because it marks the transition from prospect to customer.

    But have you considered the psychology of packaging, pricing and presenting your initial offer to make it irresistable?

    Imagine getting a helping hand from a professional marketer to package, price and present your offer so that you can convert more prospects into clients face to face with appointments, in email, on social media and on your website.

    You’ll know exactly what price to charge, how to split or bundle your offer and present it using language and images that will ensure you get the best results.

If you want to make more money than you spend on your digital marketing, attract more clients and build your business, let's talk.

Digital Freelance enables small business owners to sell more, experience real success, and have more time to do what you love, knowing that your marketing is working for you.

Digital Freelance

Small Business Digital Marketing in Brighton

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