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  • Facebook Marketing

    If you want to accelerate your marketing using Facebook to reach out and engage your existing and potential clients, ¬†build a community of “friends” of your business, online who will like you, talk about you, recommend you and help you get your message out, we can help.

    You can start with a Facebook personal page, create a Facebook business page then start promoting posts and creating a business page, and on to more advanced strategies.

    Imagine getting a helping hand from a professional marketer to set up your Facebook presence, find and organise your existing content and automate using Hootsuite, so that you can follow up consistently on Facebook.

    You’ll have your Facebook page, business page and Facebook ads set up and reviewed for brand consistency and your posts, pictures and ads done for you. (You just provide the ads budget).

If you want to make more money than you spend on your digital marketing, attract more clients and build your business, let's talk.

Digital Freelance enables small business owners to sell more, experience real success, and have more time to do what you love, knowing that your marketing is working for you.

Digital Freelance

Small Business Digital Marketing in Brighton

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