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You made it to our "contact us" page, and if you are looking for small business marketing with guaranteed results I'm sure we can help you 🙂

Feel free to give me a call on 07564 838012 or email if you have challenges you're facing, questions you want answered or results you want to achieve, and, if you're ready to take the next step...

Your journey with Digital Freelance starts with a one-hour consultation either face to face, on Skype or Zoom, where we will work with you to build your marketing plan for the next 90 days step by step…

  • Step 1 - Measure your Crowd, Capture, Conversion, Cash Value and Continuity to Create an inventory of your marketing assets
  • Step 2 - Design your marketing goals and strategy
  • Step 3 - Define your ideal client (or avatar)
  • Step 4 - Create your Statement of Value
  • Step 5 - Identify the Top 5 problems your ideal client faces and the solutions you provide
  • Step 6 - Articulate your USP
  • Step 7 - Create your action steps.

Your Investment in the initial consultation is £25 plus VAT (or $50 if you are outside the UK).

Watch the video to discover how to book your initial consultation...

Book Your Initial Consultation

Or if you prefer to talk face to face, drop in for a coffee:

Digital Freelance

Small Business Digital Marketing in Brighton with Guaranteed Results

Phone: 01273 607433 Email:
71 St James's Street, Brighton, BN2 1PJ

Download Measure Your Marketing By Numbers FREE

The key to success in marketing is to test and measure everything.

We created a single sheet of A4, called Measure Your Marketing By Numbers,  so you can measure your progress towards success with your digital marketing and see for yourself the main drivers which cause your sales to increase. Once you know what the drivers are, you know what to do to increase your sales.

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