Where will your business be in 2020 (and will you still be working in it)?

If you want to create predictable business results and reap rich rewards in 2020, start planning for success today. Because even though “Pele the piranha” may have been successful in picking 4 out of 6 winners in the last world cup, you will need to take much more consistent action to succeed in business. In…

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How clearly do you remember your reason for starting your business?

Remember when you started your business? You wrote your business plan  (or more likely talked incessantly about the ideas that were running around in your head at the time!), thought about your future and how much money you wanted to make, because financial freedom features high on the list of initial motivations for starting a…

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Do your clients tell the truth when you ask them for feedback?

Ask your clients to speak honestly when giving you feedback, because your client’s opinion counts for much more than your ego! Like most people, you probably enjoy a little ego massage… After all, positive strokes and recognition of your achievements make you feel good. But, rely on your clients to only congratulate you on every…

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