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If you are looking to challenge yourself to “fine tune” and “scale up” your business in 2018, using proven marketing campaigns and strategies, implementing systems to make your operations and finance run smoothly and building your team to create success, let's talk.

We can help you make more money than you spend on your digital marketing, attract more clients and manage your end to end process (from initial contact to invoicing) and build your business, consistently and profitably.

Digital Freelance enables small business owners to sell more, scale your business, and have more time to do what you love, knowing that your marketing is working for you.

We created Digital Marketing Insights to help you get an idea of some of the marketing strategies, methods and platforms we use.

The key to success in marketing is to test and measure everything.

That's how we are able to offer small business marketing with guaranteed results.

And that's why the very first thing we do is measure your existing sales and marketing process and results, to see where you are now and where you want to be, and measure the gap.

And we created a tool to help you see for yourself where you are and set your marketing goals. It's called Measure Your Marketing By Numbers and you can download it here.

Once you have identified the gaps in your sales and marketing we get creative with stacks of strategies to Optimise your marketing and get you results!

Finally we automate, so your marketing works 365 days a year 24/7.

But, digital marketing is not for every business, so feel free to fill in the contact us form to talk on Zoom, Skype or phone, drop in for a coffee and we'll show you how digital marketing works, and help you decide if it will work for you.

Digital Freelance

Small Business Digital Marketing in Brighton with Guaranteed Results

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Download Measure Your Marketing By Numbers FREE

The key to success in marketing is to test and measure everything.

We created a single sheet of A4, called Measure Your Marketing By Numbers,  so you can measure your progress towards success with your digital marketing and see for yourself the main drivers which cause your sales to increase. Once you know what the drivers are, you know what to do to increase your sales.

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